The third year of an ongoing challenge to draw mine and my friends' original characters in randomly generated styles!
Date: 2023
The second year of an ongoing challenge to draw mine and my friends' original characters in randomly generated styles!
Date: 2022
What if you could play another game with a Clue(do) set? A little homebrew project for an espionage-style cooperative game which I thought deserved some art of its own.
Includes redesigns of all Clue(do) characters, personified weapons, location designs and item iconography.
Date: 2021 (Ongoing)
In the spirit of October art challenges, I challenged myself to draw one of mine and my friends' original characters in randomly generated styles each and every day!
Includes characters from ChibiNetherlands, DarkSunRebel, JustMissArt, KiroSveta and OobsKenoobs.
Date: October 2021
A young intern arrives at Anomaly Inc for their first day on the job. Fantastic! Just one thing: What exactly is their job?
Contains dozens of classic monsters redesigned and fleshed/slimed-out for modern office life. Also follows a monthly Inktober challenge of designing each character's Hallowe'en party costume
2020 - 2021
How much sense can a community make of a randomly generated JRPG story? And is that the point?
Character, location and boss designs sketched in weekly streams and rendered between. Also includes some standalone monster design.
2021 (Ongoing)
Sometimes video game bosses have a life of their own before you meddling kids come along. Why not explore that?
Character and environment redesign and cartoonish re-animation of some of the most grim-dark monsters known to gaming. Collected in a self-designed book for general sale.
2019 - 2020
Welcome to Avonvale! A city of whimsy, fantasy, and what passes for mundane in a world so peculiar. The perfect antidote to overdosing on current events and social media.
Character design, storytelling, location design and game assets all help tell the stories of this pleasant fantasy.
2020 - (Ongoing)
Suppose you're a meta-narrative entity, able to hop through dimensions at will. Now suppose that you're incompetent and can't hold down a job. Welcome to the Outliers!
A trans-universal comic reinterpreting visual and narrative designs from various media sources.
2016 - (Ongoing)
A long-running webcomic based on the streams of the Secret Sleepover Society.
Shifting styles to fit the game, this comic acted as a test-bed for experimenting in different artistic spaces, as well as a jolly good time.
2018 - 2019
A short project to create simplistic, cartoony designs for the trump tarot deck based on randomly generated animals.
A silly character design challenge in which a science fiction epic is written and cast using only words from the pseudo-mathematical world of 'Googology'.
A grand group-project to populate a random fantasy world with all manner of characters and bric-a-brac.
Concept art for a dark fantasy world dreamt up a long time ago.
2023 (Ongoing)
A friend-impelled monthly project to draw my Outliers character Malakhi in a variety of costumes from the cartoon 'Winx Club'.
An 80 day doodle-a-day challenge to build up a little world without being able to see what I'd drawn prior.