If you're interested in commissioning me to draw your character(s) then please contact me via email or direct message with what you would like!

All prices shown are base examples: Added complications such as intricate backgrounds, extreme poses or time-consuming styles may increase the price, something we will discuss prior to commissioning.

After we've discussed and agreed terms I shall send you a PayPal invoice with the price and, once paid, I shall begin your piece.

Please do not send money before I have accepted your commission (you will be immediately refunded) and please do not ask for anything prior to payment.

It is entirely possible that I will consider myself unsuitable to do your piece justice and deny the commission. Please don't take offense, I just may not be the right person for your request, and where possible I may direct you to a more suitable artist.

What You Need To Do

Please be as clear and specific as possible with your requests. Provide me the characters and circumstances of the image, as well as the desired resolution and style.

If you have a very clear or specific image in mind then the more reference you can provide the better:

Existing images of characters, pose references, props, backgrounds, colour palettes, written descriptions, mood boards, character stories, even stick-man sketches;

All information is extremely helpful for getting the image in your mind onto my canvas.

If you don't have a very clear image in mind, that's absolutely fine too! I'll be happy to take more interactive feedback through the process to better create something that you can be happy with.

The Process

Please allow 2-3 days before I respond to your initial request and don't be discouraged if I cannot work on your commission just now, I may simply be a little busy!

After accepting your commission I will begin work as soon as possible. I endeavour to give you updates as the piece progresses with at least one update at each stage (where applicable): Sketch, line art, colour & shading.

Please don't be afraid to suggest changes: If anything's worrying you, absolutely let me know! I want this to be as good as you do, after all.

Upon completion you'll recieve the final file in PNG format and, if requested at the start, a download link for a timelapse of the whole process.

Minor corrections will be accepted after completion but anything more significant / numerous shall incur an extra cost to be discussed.

Absolute No's

Unfortunately I do not do NSFW content beyond mildly risqué cheesiness. I also shall not draw gore or overly disturbing imagery.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission, particularly on the grounds of overly fetishistic, offensive, hateful or oppressive content. I shall also refuse any offer of work involving contribution to any NFT project and any art-based neural network project.

Please do not ask me to trace or make a precise copy of another artwork: Reference is fine, copying is not.

If you'd like me to create something in the exact style or another artist and I do not deem it improper, I shall have to include my own signature on all images to avoid any confusion with, and pay respect to, the original creator.

Contact Me!

If you're interested please send me a message / email detailing your ideas to any of the following:

Email: CrispyCraftsnips (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter: @Crispy_Parsnips

Instagram: @Crispy_Parsnips

Tumblr: @CrispyParsnips

Please bear in mind it may take 2-3 days from your message for me to reply to you. Please be patient 💜