I have been programming games for approximately a decade, largely for my own entertainment, partly for my own curiosity. As a keen game player and overly-analytical busybody it seems only natural that I'd want to understand how they work and create them myself.

Recent projects include the excessively sized 'The Icho'. An RPG in the style of the early 2000s Square RPGs, this Unity project will likely never see the light of day as anything beyond a playable demo. But playable it is, the programming architecture almost complete, assets lingering long behind.

Prior to this we have the 'Black and Colour' series of games. Simple point'n'click affairs made entirely through photographs, these originally began life as Flash games, before the medium died a drawn-out death. I have recently resuscitated these games by recreating a point'n'click engine in Unity specifically designed to separate the game creation from the programming as much as possible. 'Black and Yellow' was thus created in just 7 days.

Having recently started streaming on Twitch I began to develop a bot to interact with chat. Into this I attached a text adventure engine. This plug-and-play engine can accept any text adventure game formatted appropriately as an XML file produced from a visual node editor, also made for the purpose.

Older projects include a variety of old Flash point'n'click, platforming and RPG games at varying stages of completion, and a few text adventures for fun.

The Icho

Borne from my love of early 2000s JRPGs, The Icho is an all-too-large project built in Unity. A 3D RPG with characters, items, equipment, abilities, locations, enemies, experience, crafting, puzzles, bosses and cutscenes, it's no wonder it's so far away from completion.

A playable demo has been created, the programming architecture erected around it allowing for many of the features mentioned above. This project was built entirely from scratch, the only thing borrowed being the footstep sound - which I shall replace, since I rather disproportionately enjoy making foley.

Feel free to peruse this minor edit of the first part of the game, assets of course subject to change.

Black and Colour

Having played oh-so many point'n'click games in my day (easily in the hundreds), their ease of production and conception was what naturally drew me into the world of programming. Whilst my asset creation skills were still in their infancy I elected to create a game entirely from photographs. Having realised that manipulating photographs can induce more subtly surreal occurrences than video alone, I began to run with the idea.

Two games were made in Flash, those being 'Black and Red' and 'Black and Orange'. Recently, spurred by nostalgia, I created a point'n'click template in Unity, the purpose of which was to facilitate creating such a game as quickly as possible without much recourse to bespoke programming. With this I managed to recreate both games in only a few days a piece.

Four years after the original games were released I created 'Black and Yellow'. This was the first original game created with the Unity template and was made in just 7 days based on ruminations of a lemon.

Original flash games:

Black and Red | Black and Orange

Twitch Bot

Having recently started streaming on Twitch I began developing a chat bot to deal with many chat-related issues. Besides rudimentary affairs such as censoring offensive language and delivering a bad joke on command, I also attached to the bot a built-in text adventure engine.

This plug-and-play engine can accept any text adventure game formatted appropriately as an XML file. This can get tricky, so I also produced a visual node editor to write the game with using Unity. However backwards it may be to use a 3D game engine purely to write a text-based game, it seems to work well.

The text adventure itself has yet to be fully written, but you can test the bot's capabilities whenever I'm streaming with a test 'game'.

Old Projects

Older projects include:

  • The Escher 'series' of point'n'click flash games, of which one was released an the second was half-completed.
  • A C++ console-based text adventure engine, later adapted into C# for the Twitch bot
  • A 2D tile-based RPG engine for Flash, in which a game demo was made.
  • A 2D platformer engine in Flash, in which a game demo was made.
  • Multiple miscellaneous projects, including
    • A Sudoko generator, solver and ranker
    • Minesweeper (of course),
    • A tilemap editor for tile-based games,
    • A maze-solver for JPG images of mazes,
    • And, my most utilised project, A small always-on-top window which periodically flashes the words 'Sit Up Straight'.