The Pocket Watch Fiasco

The Pocket Watch Fiasco

"The Pocket Watch Fiasco", a meaningless string of unusual words (a concept to become a trend with me) was the 6-year, 6-album concept series which symbolised the beginning of my foray into musical composition. Each with its own style, there's sure to be something in one of the albums to intrigue you, and so I present them here, in descending chronological/quality order for your perverse interest. 
Note: All albums are free to download.
Note 2: I plan, in the near future, to rerecord many of these songs in a bearable form.

The Faithful (2014)

This album changes style as it progresses. I think of it as the 'Sand Album' simply because of the story's setting, and the tryptich of musical styles: "beachy", "deserty" and "surreality". Okay, that third one doesn't quite fit, but nobody cares. 
This also symbolises the beginning of me writing standalone songs with a meaning outside of the story. Songs such as 'Black Air' and 'Stoneskin' are in-story metaphors for concepts I wanted to sing about. Feel free to listen below and download for free:

Will o' The Wisp (2013)

After the struggle mixing the heavy sounds of the previous year's album, the follow-up took inspiration from acoustic and folk sources, whilst still maintaining a largely rock perspective. This album is also significant for having a complete standalone storyline, one I still plan to make concrete at a later date. I've been told that the stand-out songs from this album are 'The All-Seeing Eye' and 'For You', conveniently lumped together in the middle, although I have a soft spot for 'Hessian' myself.

V (2012)

On previous albums I had become frustrated at my inability to record distorted guitar to any degree of listenability. 'V' signals my ability ot overcome this, if not wholly successfully, at least in an interesting manner. If I've ever heard anyone talk about this album it's because they either liked the song 'Fireflies' or 'The Undersigned'. Contrary to the grain, my favoured songs are 'Ennui' and 'The Fox Hypothesis'. Judge for yourself:

London's Great Uneducated (2011)

This is the first album of mine that I'm not entirely embarrassed to share. Influenced by the jazz, ska and music-hall nonsense muddled in my head, I would describe this album as largely 'pub jazz' with the occasional drip of prog leaking in. Perennial favourites from this album are 'The 81 Bazaar' and 'The 15:61 From Dover', both of which I consider to be badly recorded. Besides these my favourite is 'The Victoria Hotel', but you can find your own.

Footprints of a Revanni Vagrant (2010)

As the first album I recorded with my own equipment, I don't want to show you this album. It's influences come from ethnic sources as I began to experiment with sounds and forms. I'm told 'A Knife To Hair' and 'The Revanni Tango' aren't awful, but I have my doubts. Those songs worth salvaging will be rerecorded (re-corded? Do you 'cord' songs?) at a later date.

Diaries of False Omega (2009)

I didn't know what I was doing back then. 
Thanks to the help of a resourceful teacher at my secondary school I began recording the little songs wot I rote. Unfortunately I recorded them in a room no larger than my bathroom, one wall of which was made of glass and led onto a 3-floor concrete staircase. Coupled by my distinct inability to do anything resembling recording music, and greatly restricted time-frame, this is by no means my best work. 
I plan in future to re-record the best songs from the first 2 albums and release them at a later date.