Update - Caeseria!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Julius and Augustus, men so vain they added their own names to the calendar.

This is a brief update as to the state of play of my personal projects. Of course the last major announcement was the release of Almost Schizoid and thence a string of comics acting as a wind-down from mixing and mastering limbo.

What Now?

Of late I have succumbed to my, by now biannual, miasma  of ennui and as such felt compelled to work on everything with absolutely no enthusiasm to start any of them. This would perpetuate to today were it not for two somewhat external impetuses (impeti?)

Five Miler (the band what I'm in) are currently approaching the conclusion of our first new EP. It is up to me to get cracking with the mixing and mastering of these songs so that they might be ready to release in the next couple of months.

More applicably to this site, however, is my imminent and probably short-lived return to the wonderful world of videos. I have recently compiled a collection of sketches, some of which I've worked on for years, others I came up with yesterday. They currently run together at roughly 30 minutes. This, I concluded, was good enough to turn into an `episode' of a `sketch show'.

Now I've attempted this before but whilst continually attempting to force it into a given mould, a format, a brand, a handy wrapper ready to be replicated for episodes 2, 3, 4, ad infinitum. Rarely do such attempts survive beyond three iterations. As such I intend this collection to be self-contained. No branding, no logos, nout. I might not even give it a name, or if I do it may be unrelated or unhelpful, purely out of a commitment to counter-intuitiveness.

Regardless I have a week off approaching and a hankering to record sketches so anticipate the arrival of this eventually.

Far Flung Hopes

This is (likely the final instalment of) a new section where I go over things I've just imagined I want to do in the future. Firstly an interesting video on the inner workings of Aardman animation reminded me how much I enjoyed what little stop-motion animation I did many years ago. Furthermore I haven't done anything with Izikiel for quite some time... Now there's an idea.

Whilst I'm still recovering musically from the drain of Almost Schizoid, I am, as ever, forging plans for future work. These include an EP of songs about the works of others I like (computer games, stories, TV shows, etc.) entitled 'Plagiarism' and another EP of songs about the undesirable parts of modern English history. Less lyrically and more musically inclined is a collection of weird upbeat rock music which I hope will form an EP called 'Kerfuffle'.

I've also been working on getting back into short story writing. There are, at present, four projects of short stories I'd like to work on: 'The Gap', 'The Savage Letters (Reboot)', 'Icho' and a collection of unrelated stories. Whether any of these will come to fruition is anybody's supposition, but I'm intrigued by the notion of hijacking the notion of 'NaNoWriMo' for my own short story purposes.

Still, it's only August.