Update: Another Redesign & Plans

Blimey, I seem to redesign this thing more than I post on it. I promise to change that ratio in the coming months!

Right, so, where's this attempted regularity I promised last post? Well, I changed my mind slightly. Regular readers will be unsurprised by this, more a staple fixture than a continuing trend. Hence I've renamed the site "Chris Parsons' Best Laid Plans". It seemed appropriate.

Don't worry though, I'm still working on White Coats, After Dusk, regular articles and such, it's just my focus has been altered slightly. I'm working on a sketch show!

I know, my last attempt in "Disappointment" rather lived up to its name, but this one will be different. In particular I've only used material which has, at some point in the writing process, caused me to laugh aloud. Particularly if I came up with the idea in the street and I end up laughing in public - that's becoming more and more common. Disappointment was more self-indulgent than funny, this won't be... too much.

Regardless, as a show of how much I'm working on this here are the thus far finished sketches being organised:

Excuse the water damage...

The show has the working title 'Management' but this is as subject to change as anything else I promise.

As I say I'm still working on getting regular updates up-and-running, but this has stolen my enthusiasms. I may post regular updates on the sketches and maybe one or two sketches as they're finished before the show's assembled.

So yes, that's just a brief update to let you know I'm still thinking of this site, even if my silence is conspicuous.

Enjoy yourselves!