Doodle Dump - Magic, Mallards and Muk

Here's a little compilation of the Doodles I've made of late over on m'Twitter.

When someone asked me how I make things so quickly, another kind soul described me as a 'wizard'. I prefer the term 'Clumsomancer' myself.

The Drawfalong was 'Duck Souls' (it wasn't, this idea just made me chuckle)

An important meeting led to this.

I asked for doodle suggestions and... well, this happened. Twas good fun, might do it again later.

My last stream was beset with frame-rate issues, from which sprouted the Frame Man: You can't catch him, his network lag's too bad.

Finally, but not fleastly, Ploops began streaming an all-poison run of Pokémon FireRed on her Twitch, and I loved her overlay idea so much I drew this.