Drawfee Miscellania

So I've been making things lately over on m'Twitter related to the Drawfee channel, and thought I'd collect them here for posterity. Y'know, why not?

Firstly here's a 3D model of Nathan's version of SCP-193 from this episode of Drawfee.

Secondly here's a 3D model of Julia's version of 'Jill Dozer' from this episode of Drawfee.

Thirdly here's (you guessed it) a 3D model of Jacob's lovely little buddy S L I M E H O R S E from this twitter post and this subsequent stream (and also this and this because they're good).

Fourthly and finally here's a little comic I made to warm up for the newly branded 'Secret Sleepover Society' and their forthcoming Hitman 2 stream.

There's also some other things, like a portrait of Clive Milquetoes, but I'll skip posting that here.
Drawfee's good, guys.